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In order to better serve our customers, SBH will be upgrading our operating system on the weekend of October 20-23, 2017.  After the close of business on October 19, your accounts at SBH will be integrated into the upgraded system.  During that weekend, you can access your bank accounts with your debit card, checking account and ATMs.  Limited balance and transaction details will be available through ATMs during the upgrade.  Your transactions, including deposits and withdrawals, will be processed, but will not be reflected in your account balance through the ATM, online banking or Telebanking until the upgrade is complete.


· Bank name

· Bank routing number

· Your account number

· Your debit card

· Your checks

· Telephone numbers

· Office hours and locations

· Website address

· Branch hours

· The top notch customer service from SBH staff, many who have been with us 20+ years!


We will be adding new services such as e-statements and account alerts. In the first quarter of 2018, you will also have the ability to deposit a check using your mobile device!



Online Banking - October 19-23

October 19: At 5:00 p.m. SBH’s online banking access will be turned off for any changes or transfers.  You can continue to use online banking to view your accounts; however, you will not be able to transfer funds online, and account information will not reflect transactions after 5:00 p.m. on October 19.

October 23: The new online banking system is live.  You can access your accounts through Log onto online banking by entering your current username and your temporary password on the top right corner of our home page.  Access to online banking is available via computer and any mobile device.  You will receive multiple prompts the first time you sign in to online banking, including acceptance of the new terms and conditions of SBH’s online banking feature.  Transactions and check images completed during the upgrade weekend will be available for viewing.  Scheduled recurring transfers between your SBH accounts will continue as scheduled after the upgrade is completed; however, if you need to delete or modify a transfer you will need to contact a SBH customer service representative.

Mobile Banking App - October 23

Current online banking users can access the mobile banking app after logging into online banking at and updating your online banking password.  After you have logged into your account on our website, you may download the mobile app onto your electronic device.

E-Statements and Notices (New!) - October 23

You can register to receive online statements when you sign in to online banking.  Once you register for online statements, you can “turn on” or “turn off” electronic statements and notices by account at any time. E-statement enrollees will have access to 24 months of previous statements (history will build after upgrade date).

Balances During Upgrade: October 20-24

If you perform a balance inquiry at an ATM, the balance will reflect the end-of-day balance on October 19.  Balances will not reflect the items posting to your account throughout the upgrade weekend.  For example, your transactions, including debit cards, deposits and withdrawals, will continue to be processed like normal, but will not be added to or withdrawn from your end-of-day balance until the upgrade is complete.  Your account balances should reflect Friday and weekend transactions by October 24.  We recommend that you consider using alternative payment methods, such as your SBH checks, credit card, or cash during this time.

Automatic Funds Transfers - October 20

Automatic funds transfers scheduled to occur on a non-business day (weekend or bank holiday) will be processed and collected on the business day prior to the scheduled due date.  For example, if your loan payment due date falls on a bank holiday, and you have elected to have your payment automatically transferred from a deposit account to make the payment, SBH will process and collect your payment on the business day prior to the bank holiday.

Bank By Phone (Telebank) - October 19-23

Telebank will not reflect transactions after 5:00 p.m. on October 19.  On October 23, you can access SBH’s enhanced Telebank system.  You will be prompted to create a six-digit pin number when you first call after verifying your account number, social security number and zip code information.


After October 20 you will receive a statement reflecting your account activity and balance through October 19. You will receive your next statement within 30 days after the update.  All statements produced after October 23 will be displayed in a new and improved format. Your statement dates will thereafter remain the same.

Pre-Upgrade Online Statements

Statements prior to October 19 will no longer be available to download in your online banking account after the upgrade. We encourage you to log into your account no later than October 19 and download any statements available.

Anyone who signs up for e-statements can request one set of copies of your 2017 statements at no charge.  The
e-statement history will build forward from October 23 or the date you signed up for E-Statements.

Bill Pay Schedule - October 16-23

October 16 at 12:01 a.m.: Your ability to schedule or pay bills online will be turned off in order to upgrade your Bill Pay and payee information.  Although you will not have access to Bill Pay the week of October 16, your pre-scheduled online bill payments will continue.

October 23: You can access your online Bill Pay account through or on the new mobile banking app.  We recommend that you check your payees (including all payee details) and your scheduled payments to make sure your information upgraded correctly.

After October 23: Your electronic payment (anything not sent via check) date method will change to a “deliver by” method based on when your payment is due.  SBH will calculate when the payment should be sent based on “deliver by” date.

Example:  If your utility bill is currently set to be paid on a Friday, the funds will be sent on Thursday to ensure payment is on time.  The system prior to the upgrade sent your bill on Friday, AND paid the bill on Friday.  If there are not sufficient funds in your account on Thursday, the new system will retry completing your payment on Friday.  If your bills are set up to be paid near your payday, you may want to change your “deliver by” date to the next business day.

The process of sending checks through Bill Pay will not change and will be processed with a “deliver by” date.  In other words, checks will be sent out prior to your due date (typically five days), but the check will not post to your account until it is cashed by the merchant.

You can also set up e-bills to receive bills to be presented for payment within online banking.  You will be notified by email when your bill arrives.  Previous e-bill information will not convert to the new bill pay system.


Later this year, SBH will offer classes at both branches on how to best utilize online banking, e-statements, mobile banking and bill pay.  Keep an eye out for additional information.

Should you have any questions concerning the information in this guide, we invite you to speak with one of our knowledgeable bank representatives.

HERSCHER  - 815.426.2156  

LIMESTONE - 815.932.9160

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